Harpers_Breaking.jpgLynn aims in his work to promote the liberty and security of the American citizen and entrepreneur, within the global economy and within the American economy.

Lynn’s writings are revolutionizing our understanding of the political and economic risks of globalization, as well as the radical nature of the reorganization of America’s industrial and corporate systems over the last generation.

Lynn’s work makes starkly clear how big the dangers really are. But his writing is ultimately very hopeful and entirely avoids the subtle xenophobia that runs through much recent work on globalization. Lynn shows how Americans have the power to get globalization right, once they reject today’s bankrupt ideologies. Americans can use free market forces to improve the lives of more people in more nations, and do so while ensuring and promoting the security, wellbeing, and liberty of all Americans.

Lynn has written for The Financial Times, Harper’s, Harvard Business Review, The National Interest, CIO, and many other publications.

Selected Publications

Harper’s Magazine
Breaking the Chain” (July 2006 - On Newsstands Now)
Unmade in America” (June 2002)

The Financial Times
Globalisation Must Be Saved From The Radical Global Utopians

(May 30, 2006)

Wake Up To The Old-Fashioned Power Of The New Oligopolies

(February 14, 2006)

The Fragility That Threatens The World’s Industrial Systems

(October 18, 2005)

The Trade Row Over Aircraft Is Missing The Point

(June 3, 2005)

Harvard Business Review
Eliminate the Middleman?” (March 2006)

The National Interest
War, Trade and Utopia” (Winter 2005/2006)

Risk, Ahoy!