End of the Line

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“Tom Friedman for grown ups.”

–The Washington Post

“Every American has a duty to read this book.”

–Douglas Brinkley, author of The Great Deluge, director of the Roosevelt Center at Tulane University

“A great primer” on globalization and outsourcing.

USA Today

End of the Line is a revolutionary new look at how the global industrial system really works, and where the real dangers lie. With stunning originality and clarity, Lynn cuts through all the old debates on globalization. A long-time business journalist, Lynn says the real question we need to ask is can we count on our new global system to deliver us everything we need, when we need it. Lynn’s deeply disturbing answer is “no.” We have stretched our supply chains so far, and ratcheted them so tight, that even unavoidable natural or political disasters on the far side of the world today can smash like a tsunami right into the center of our own society. End of the Line is already being hailed as a new classic, perhaps the most important work on globalization in a generation.

A Must Read for:

  • Business Executives and Managers
  • Investors in Global Corporations
  • Citizens Who Want the Real Story on Globalization and Outsourcing
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Students, in Business or Globalization Courses

Top 10 Lists:

  • For Undergraduates: The Lally School of Business, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, David Gautschi, Dean: (Other writers on Dr. Gautschi’s list include Jagdish Bhagwati, Hernando de Soto, and Jared Diamond.)
  • For Entrepreneurs: The National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship

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